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not much being posted now. Does anyone know if OP forum and O Papers are still up as here in lovely T-land,I'm hitting IE caint display or  error with server. about a month now.As usual day late and dollar short.

oh 66 & 25 are ???? Numbers.personally-until monk ties two threads-one her wrist and one on my wrist- this is just a dream that i'm having right now..Am I outa my head a I outa my mind-do I have to keep going round and round //    ????     I can't stop now it's complicated.

Insanity: as defined by Einstein =  doing same thing oer and ovr and expecting a different result. I've had   enough - want to see changes before      I am dead dead dead as I belive in/ have seeen HEAVEN NOW.Screw this AD crap. I want it now todday ,LIKE WHILE i'M ALIVE

                           light removrs darkness/knowledge dispells ignorance.

                                   I SPY

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am I dreaming?? If yes,I want good dream. Saturday-go ask daddy if II am okay for his daughter. Amazing-known her for about 6 years.Asked me to take her out-then married,he was killed on moto.bike by drunk driver..now single mom,w/2 boys. OMG -heaven before death??? Change = good. From livin alone to wife & 2 boys. Mom & dady care for childres. Hey I've done my best be good guy and now??? Crazy??Dream??           Light destroys darkness,.... I SPY

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Hi Simon. I have not done much here as you know.  Hope you are doing ok.

The OP have been down for some time.  I put a tweet out to Orange maybe a week ago but haven't heard back.  I did see where somebody has put up a static version of the OP.

Take care I SPY!


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