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Rajiv Bhole
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I had been the all-India respesentetive of NA in 2000-2002. So I know first hand what a big racket NA and AA are. Now, I definately want to blast AA/NA off the face of this planet.

But in order to do that, I've realized that it is necessary to expose the pharmaceutical cartel that owns AA. So my way of exposing AA is not to go after the small sick fries of AA but to directly expose the pharmaceutical big guns.

Finally the person who interviewed me recently on mental health has started uploding it on youtube. Here are the first two parts of it:



I need your support fellow fighters. Of course the best way to expose AA is to see to it that at least a hundred thousand or a million of us former addicts and alcoholics stay away from drugs and alcohol for some leangth of time. And I have also worked out the way to help us stay free from drugs and alcohol by satisfying the physiological needs, social needs and the need for self-actualization of the Maslow Model. I've talked about satisfaction of two of the needs, physiological and self-actualization needs, in this interview so far. Maybe I've talked about the remaining need  too in the interview.

And incidently one of my books on this therapy has also received an excellent review from a professor of self-management at the Druckers college of management. You can read it on my facebook Notes: http://www.facebook.com/notes/rajiv-bhole/review-of-my-book/304041216275741

It's nice to see our site opperational again. It's nice to be with you all.



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