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AA and The U.S. Constitution

Taxpayer Funded AA/12 Step Treatment Centers Violates First Amendment

Posted by Live_free_or_die on October 14, 2012 at 8:35 AM

DeStefano v. Emergency Housing Group, Inc. 247 F. 3d 397 - Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, 2001 Held that New York taxpayer funds used to fund, in part, AA/12 Step program was a violation of the First Amendment.



Freedom from Religion Foundation, Inc. v. McCallum 179 F. Supp. 2d 950 - Dist. Court, WD Wisconsin, 2002



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Reply Massive
12:05 AM on October 17, 2012 
I am horrified. The more we dig. the deeper the rabbit hole goes. But there is hope looming on the horizon with a real lawsuit.
Reply seagal007
8:58 PM on October 29, 2012 
AA is a religion, AA is not just a religion. AA is an agressive religion.AA is a religion that tells a lie claiming its not a religion. It disgusts me that AA gets tax payer money
Reply SallyJ
9:19 PM on December 28, 2012 
Yes, they get away with it so easily and for so long. Baffling really.

"No, it's not a religion and it isn't religious" -

"Oh OK, if you say so".
Reply DrunkenDrBob
7:48 PM on July 12, 2013 
Emperor, you have no clothes.
Reply SimonTemplar
8:11 PM on December 22, 2014 
We stand on the CUSP of a new AGE.I was reading about ancient ROME.WAR from day #1 between RICH and POOR.THE RICH WON. NOW TIS time when secretly $36 billion US. NAVY SHIP. {AIRCRAFT CARRIER COSTS $16 BILLION} /For what-$36 BILLION-to make rich richer/poor poorer.AA exploited by govt as tis cheap way to f*** off the mentally ill and avoid spendding $$ to help the sick. Yet our HISTORY RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ..Very few dare question why are we spending 63% of taxes for Military,more HIGH technology when we need food,clothing,medical care, shelter and education??"For the times are hard and it is an ignorant people." Catullus/Rome BC . War ohh goodie we can kill for GGGG's us /NOT. yet always tis about the damned nigras with their
"WELFARE BABIES" Study was done-75% of welfare goes to the wealthiest companies for research ,tax write-offs, govt funding .$9 billion taken from food stamps yet the $26 billions for the banks/unregualted banks OKAY BABY..Off shore drilling taxpayer funding for the RICH.yet 12/12 continues to be sold to stupid public as "TREATMENT" when it is medieval torture .not simply worthless but damaging-suicidal ideations for which there are no statistics/AA hides their dirty secrets about the Massive amounts of SUCIDES IN AA! OPF Matt wrote that still Animal farms like Synanon still continue to grow flourish.yet we/antiAA know about the DEAD MURDERS/ SUICIDES as these can't be kept secret..taxpayer funding yet shhh shh it's secret anonymous-theSUICIDES shh shh keep secret .
"Greater love hath no man than that he give his life for another" book of John/yet soldiers salarries ahve just been cut/allotments for overseas housing =cuts..Democracy??? oligarchy? We are focussing on the MICROSM AA inside the MACROCOSM US govt spending for the Military Industrial complex-Pres.Eeisnhowers words for this new disaster/danger/power grab by defense contractors. so where will $$$ for genuine treatmetn come from.someone posted that for $30,000 {cost of rehab }I could live in good hotel$150 /day /have 2 visits with psychs and 3 with psychologists WEEKLY ,massage and exercise therpay in gym .private gyms. yet somehow welcome to HELL we will push theese 12 steps up your a** and so bend over to learn this religion of INSANITY. PEOPLE CRITICIZE PREM RAWAT-yet look at his message and his free clean water programs, free food so poor can eat, then work their fields. When daibetes is growing more daily=disease of overeating, .too much booze,fast foods/no exercise
disease of WEALTHY, LAZY, ARROGANT, GREEDY, yet 37,000 die daily of starvation,lack of clean drinking water,preventable diseases-diarrhea,dysentery, childhood diseases for which we have cures=wonder why do these"CHRISTIANS refuse to help the old,poor,sick,ignorant??

.Yet wow look how quickly we can KILL KILL KILL GLOBALLY yet cut the soldiers paychecks. tis not simply AA-please do not be so deluded !! Weaponry= fear FEAR FEAR be very afraid and vote for more Defense spending more bombs bigger ships more ? WAR funding yet questioning AA????? AA is the bastard child of WAR economy and point a gun at their heads and say Jesu - or JAIL /choose??? While all these religions preach WAR/ Prem's KNOWLEDGE Religion is teaching PEACE and hoiw PEACE IS POSSIBLE when enough say enough no more funding WARS no more creating wars then pretending gee wonder why there is now a war with ISIS when 100's of thousands died during the bombing and countless weddings were bombed as "golly gee it tis difficult to se the difference between TERRORISTS and a WEDDING PARTY !!! difficult to see Golly Geee were those 7 children collecting firewood .I was sure with my $3500 binoculars they were gathering WEAPONS ha ha ha ha ha nits breed lice. Maybe tis time to overhaul entire system and change from WARTIME to PEACETIME ECONOMY. War helps only the rich not the poor.it damages the overall economy of the USA yet why doesn't that nigra guru Maharaji shut up{STFU} about PEACE?? CHANGES ARE NEEDED " WHEN THERE IS DESIRE FOR PEACE then changes will happen." AA does not exist inside of a b-b-b-buubble nope BUBBA tis part of the macrocosm of the USA.LIGHT DESTROY DARKNESS/LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I SPY
Reply Billyards
10:02 AM on December 23, 2014 
AA, as an organization, actually has NOTHING to do with treatment programs except where an individual AA member might voluntarily share a "story" at a hospital or treatment center.

AA does not push its method of recovery on any individual or any institution. Certainly many treatment centers use 12 step models. That is their choice. They are free to use any model they choose. AA does not endorse or support this.

Treatment programs should really get their crap together and develop their own and maybe better ways to treat addiction. When I meet someone just out of "treatment" who has "worked the steps" I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad. If you want to work the steps, just go to AA. If you want "treatment" there should be something more medical and scientific available.

The courts and probation & parole systems use AA and other 12 step programs as dumping grounds. This is unconscionable and an abdication of their responsibilities, This also does a great disservice to 12 step programs by filling the rooms with those who do not necessarily want to be there. I wholeheartedly agree that people should NOT be court ordered to any such outside program. The government should fund programs that are NOT associated with AA, Catholics, Mormons, Baptists or any outside organization.

I was recently asked by a friend who was earning her degree & certification in counseling to address a DUI group she was managing at a treatment center. She asked that I share my story of alcoholism & recovery and share a bit about how 12 step programs work. I couldn't tell you if any of the folks attending were "alcoholic". Not my business. I also don't care if any of them ever set foot in an AA meeting. Not my business. I do hope, though, that they now know a bit about AA and that they could make an informed choice to attend if they so desired.
Reply SimonTemplar
2:19 AM on January 24, 2016 
With all the PAC's run by churches,1st amendment is ignored throughout USA. Bush funded church schools.But re AA-I'd agree.Why does tax funding support a religion.What We're confronting is a multi-billions$$$ scam.Cheap =pay some stepper to pretend counselling.use BB and Goddddd to "help" the ones abusing drugs/alcohol and =let us now pray.Funny-Prem jokes about prayer.
Football game-now let us pray.Losing game =let us pray.Killing in WAR=let us pray. Losing in WAR=let us pray. Judeo-christism controls US society. laws
Monomagamy- church law-Christist law.Not old Jewish law nor Moslem nor Buddhist.
Drug laws-totally now controlled by right wing nuts.Demanding Moslem Afghans stop using opiumafter 1,000's o years..Gee AMA loves this shiite.Demand go see Dr for pain meds so we can rape you for huge $$$$. See dr then psych,then pain management Dr then maybe within inside of 2-3 months =can get some pain meds. One aspect of Afghan War which intnly is questioned is why aren't you simply buying all this opium and making it into legal meds??dtuhh cause Company is involved with sales to fund their "secret ops"same as back in Vietnam--and prices of prescription drugs would drop wayy down.
.Funny most genuine vets never call it dtuhh Nam.i was in dtuhh Nam. crap.
We live in a time where 1st amendment is daily ignored by US govt. Watch elections.Hillary wants to win = just quote bibble, praise the lord and she'll win. When wanting to win Politicians simply pull bibble quotes outn their asses and gee I'll vote fer him he's a Christ-stain. How to create a WAR. Hold bible in one hand thump,thump,and wave the Flag=WAR. gooota have God and country and FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR. During Vietnam get outn jail card was "Now boy,you can serve youaah country for 2 years in dtunn US Marines or do some hard time.Guess which one most chose?? Now it's AA or jail.so what's new??? Twisted diseased Christism or WAR?/ SOS. When Jefferson wrote Bill o rights he warned-we do this NOW as in future $$$ will mean more than democracy. Greedy rotten stepper AMA controlling billlions of lives.Obvious yet as said centuries ago-eyes but caint see /ears but caint hear. People look but do not see.listen but do not hear. Every day on bus/asking myself what am I missing that is right in front o my face. LIGHTHOUSE IN MTNS I SPY
Reply JamesGaf
1:34 AM on November 9, 2017 
Reply JamesGaf
9:19 AM on November 9, 2017 
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