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I got the 13th step but had no idea what that meant.  The guy with his treatment center friends would joke about it and I finally had to admit I didn't know what they were talking about. They explained as a new comer being picked up. 

Pretty typical I suppose.  I came in lonely and depressed.  The treatment center guys showed up by the van full at many of the meetings I attended.  The guy befriended me then we started going out and spending time together.  Within a short period of time he was asking for help. Usually just until...or needs to get working but can't unless he has this or that.  Within about 2 months he was leaving the treatment center and needed a place to stay.  He was like a steam roller in my life.  He was strong and forceful and I was weak.  He ended up only staying a week and then thankfully my grown son intervened and I got him out.  Unfortunately that wasn't the end of him.  Took quite a few more months to get out of my life.  Between the money I gave voluntarily and the money he stole from me it cost me thousands of dollars. There was alot of trouble and damage other than the money also. Relationships with friends and family became strained and I had a non-stop list of his issues to deal with.   

It was my doing or potential undoing. I can't necessarily blame AA for that trouble but I am convinced the rooms of AA are a dangerous place. They are full of cons and theives. That is one reason I have left.  Prior to going I didn't know addicts, knew nothing of treatment centers.  I didn't know anyone who did any serious jail time.  I knew nothing of crack, cocaine or the 13th step.  I was a single mom with a drinking problem.  My apologies for anyone offended however I want back into the world with the normal people.  Not everyone but there certainly is a sub-class of people who I personally don't want to know and don't want in my life.

Thank you for letting me vent that.

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I would like to share another story of a man I met that is a 5 year sober member in good standing.  He has traded his alcohol, drug addiction for sex it seems.  He shared with me one day how "he knows how to get 7 F*&KS out of a ounce from the crack whores.  That's all they are really after so show them that and they will do whatever you want".  (I'm paraphrasing the quantity as I don't remember and don't know). I told him he was a predator and only in the rooms to troll for vulernable women.  He replied that he sees nothing wrong with finding someone to F*&K in the rooms.

That gem of a human being can be found talking the good big book talk in the rooms of my city.  He generally thanks the program, the steps, a good sponsor and GOD for his sobriety.  Makes me sick!

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BillW⓬™ was the initial predator and manipulator of AA back in 1930s.  I have read several biographies of BillW⓬™ and he didn't like to work.  In fact, I recall finding a statement made by a maid that had been with Bill & Lois for a long time at Stepping Stones and she remarked how lazy Bill was. BillW⓬™ was the first sexual predator of AA as well as the first financial predator and master manipulator of AA.  It seems to be a continuing trait of a lot of XA members.

In addition, Clarence Snyder ( an early inner-circle AA member from Cleveland, OH) has said that he also didn't like to work.   

It is amazing how some of these people are able to talk out of both sides of their mouth and keep a straight face.  These people present a facade of themselve to the general public of "good sobriety" yet many are master manipulators and predators that WILL take advantage of others, especially newcomers that are in a vulnerable state.  These predator schemes are both sexual & financial.  Apparently the numerous Higher Powers (gods) of XA members are quite forgiving and accepting of immoral behavior.

The worst part of this issue is that typically most XA members will not step up to the plate if they witness something that is wrong or immoral going on. For me this is one of the most detestable things about AA/NA 12 Step crap. Hypocrites & bigots.  

Yeah, AA is a morally bankrupt organization and its members, for the most part, are some of the most immoral and unethical people around.  I do hold AA headquarters in New York responsible, I hold the "fellowship" responsible and I hold the individual members responsible for allowing this type of behavior to go on unchecked.  It should make any one sick when they find out about the destructive & damaging nature of AA/NA.

I am glad to hear that you got away from AA Show me.  Welcome to the site & rant all you want. 


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