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in "Diari de Tarragona", August 21, 2014

(Translated by Google)


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has denied having written a report on one of those attending support groups and meetings.


In a letter dated June 19, 2014, the AA header, it is said that the group member "is a worker hired both personally and help to those in need, is fully integrated into the services of the movement, demonstrating discipline and humility. "


The text, signed by "The secretary José MM", was presented by the defense of the accused before the judge in his argument to suspend imprisonment. The mother of the girl wrote to the court saying that it was a fake.


The Journal spoke with Alcoholics Anonymous and the association denies making any report. "We do not do this kind of writing," says Amador Alvarez, Assistant Secretary for Alcoholics Anonymous .


"It's easy. You can take a piece of paper and write down what you want, but the AA do not do this kind of writing. "


The aim was to prevent the execution of the sentence (for sexual abuse of his niece he committed in 2010 and 2011, when the girl was 10 years old), alcoholism can be considered as a mitigating factor.




Provincial Court judgment of Tarragona, section 2, of 18 June 2014: 5 years imprisonment


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Sexual abuse of  CHILD does lifetime damage to the child.good to see he got the at least 5years time.but with prisons overcrowded parents will ahve to reappear at probation hearings to see he does the full time. Amazing gall but good the mother caught twas fake.don't know but AA had been overused to keep these same people out of prison too often.for psychs tis one o most difficult conditions tot reat as most refuse to change.Don't see how damaging their actions are /mostly do not care that they do lifetime damage to children.

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AA still though does many things in court like going on the stand as a character witness, reporting to probation officers. All the things they say they do not do.


Violent Criminals Mandated to Attend AA and NA Meetings


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