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From the Fellas: Well done, boys!


Common assault (contd)


Further to our previous entries (see here and here) we have sent notifications of the incident to London North Middlesex Intergroup (which covers the Uxbridge Friday meeting where the assault was reported) with copies to the Trustees of the General Service Board, the General Service Office (York) and London North Region. We have proposed that the Intergroup concerned institute a full enquiry into the incident to ascertain the identities of all involved, then report the matter to the police, and take action to ensure no further repetition. This kind of behaviour cannot and should not be tolerated within the Fellowship. Dependent on the response we receive, and the action subsequently taken, we shall consider what further steps we might take ourselves...... This one isn't going to go away!


We also note from other entries that Richard E has previous 'form' when it comes to threatening or assaulting other members. He has already been arrested and charged for “spitting in a female member's face in a Sunday night meeting in Barnes south-west London”, something which he apparently omits to mention when lecturing the rest of us.



To all of you out there who get your kicks from bullying or sexually exploiting other members (so-called '13 Steppers') we serve YOU notice. We will have absolutely no hesitation in 'outing' you on the site, naming names and giving full details of your conduct together with the groups where you operate. In dealing with you we will follow the same procedure as above passing on information to the relevant intergroup(s) - together with the aforementioned cc's – and, where appropriate, notifying the police

You will no longer be able to act with impunity

We will not collude in covering up your ABUSE





The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

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