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I'm reading Allen carr's Easy way to stop smoking.OMG he surely hits the reder on the head. Feel like

a fool,idiot,stupid???? do you really enjoy smoking or is it the NARCOTIC NICOTINE Now think- this drug/narcotic killl s 4 millions{that we know about} yearly. so far mostly he's saying the 21 days withdrawal from nicotine can be pleasant when the fear fear fear is released.Fear of withdrawal.Fear of losing a friend who steals energy and life from billions daily.Now if you enjoy smoking enough to die for it.if you're a controllled or  harm reduction smoker this will sound strange.But i'm reading now and hoping that the teeth damage will end and SUPRISE. maybe if this lovely lovely,kind,patient ,brave young lady actually marries me-I don't want her two children to see me smoking nor smell like cig smoke.It's all a personal choice.like eating fish and chips.

Countless people love fish and chips.so i'd not say but the grease and gee it's deep fried cause I also like deeep fried foods.But the cigs.amazing how in war movies= we see the wounded guy given cig .gonna get killed by a firing squad -1st have a smoke >kinda like /carr says-guy is falling down 100 stories to his death and says-at 50th floor "So far so good.." any ways books and hypnosis cds and this sucker the feeding me nicotine will again{quit for 20 years -took one laced smoke to again return to pack daily} to being a non-smoker.I  know my Lady May. will appreciate my efforts to change and ahve maybe a good 10- 20 years to love her.O.H.Saint   I SPY

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