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We thought that some members might be interested in contributing to the site by way of writing. Topics can range from AA history to current events in the recovery industry. Your own stories are welcome as well, particularly how you escaped from AA and your personal road to abstinence. Articles can be submitted to administrators (drop us an email), we would always give appropriate credit to authors.

It is inspiring to work with others and this is actually the precept in which ExpAA began. It was proposed that this be a team effort. Providing a forum for people to have discussions is IMO one of the stronger positive features of the internet. It has given us the opportunity to bring like minded people together to learn from each other and express ourselves.

I’ve learned that being in control of my life gave me more enthusiasm to work towards other goals. I found pride in my achievements and it feels good to pat myself on the back and take measure of my accomplishments, however big or small they were. This is another opportunity to have a voice in the Pro Empowerment Movement.

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Posts: 435

Another idea I have is that a member here write a piece about Hope - for the Hope and Dedication section from the tab line. Please let me know if you would like to help get us started. Thanks!


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I posted on drug/alcohol forum about Action T-4.It was the 1st Death camp in Nazi Germany.Amental hospital.It was deleted. Funny thing+ I'm not anti drug.Guess saying so-called Drug addiction/so-called alcohlism upset them. I should smile,Was Veteran In Psych ward.Said:I don't belong here.I'm not crazy.they should never have made"a gook" a policeman!.then I would not have taken a shotgun and blown out the window of the Police cruiser." one Vet was at Con tien/north face.Side 2 NVA battlions attacked.He told me ,there were 15 men still standing at end of battle,all wounded more than once..That guy can not be in room with any Orientals. I know there's times when I show brilliance and often,I'm an idiot.so what's new.We are all human beings/I hope no outer spacemens.While $billions.trillions go for War.Can we explore the human mind?? Everyone's talking about change ..I want to change me.The man in the mirror. Today deleted old friend who kept pushing button: but but but with this Knowledge--but if you practised this knowledge-you should be kissy kissy poo and never get angry.dtuhh where did we hear that one b-4? dtuhh. Changes needed today are for Mental health to be taken seriously and not old Shh Hitler's ideas of ... Anyways here's hoping this world , including me,will stop putting everyone into boxes.Labels that degrade and demean.Just as my teacher said"I see human beings.Don't see or say soldiers ;first see the human being." Similarities .Enough for now.NEED sleep. Hopefully still shining Lighthouse in mtns.Love life- get rewards.love others and hope for the best. I pray this love opening for me will keep growing.Goal = when death comes for me_i want to be able to LAUGH.While those around me cry/cause i'lbe saying good bye .
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