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Hey aaahh, can I ask you a question ?


Thats the favorite opening line of the of the recovery scene con artist , that opening line is usualy followed by a fabricated story of money trouble and the money they surely have coming next week... and how everything will be A.O.K if you just loan them a few bucks


Just watch out for that opening line "hey aaaahhhh... can I ask you a question ?" by any of these low-lives you see hanging around if your new to the 12 step thing.


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I hate to admit that I feel for that.  I got off easy though, when this douche didn't pay me back I didn't have to worry about having much else to do with her.  Funny how that scenario works, just like any other "abuse".  If you complain how an AA loaned you money and that they never paid back, left you hanging, the response was always "it's your fault, you shouldn't have loaned it".  This instead of it being the character defect of a lying scammer.


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AA is full of these scumbag/scammers, they are mostly all serious steppers and program preachers.

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Usually hey aah can I ask you a question means the person is about to cross a boundary that he or she knows damned well shouldn't be crossed.

Remember the power of "NO".  I had a hard time with that word at first but I am a champ at using it now.

That does not mean that what happened to you was in any way your fault.....

it does mean that there are a whole lot of people out there, in AA and outside of it, that have no respect for other people's boundaries. 

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evertime i went to a meeting i would get hit up for money , rides or cigarettes..it s like going to the bus station in Newark

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