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I've just been to the doctor. It was lovely.


"Your cholesterol is through the roof, it is going to be what kills you."


-Yes doctor, I know. What can I do?


"Well, I can't tell you to lose 100 pounds because you're not overweight. But your cholesterol shouldn't be this high. Look at it! The bad one is high, the good one is low. Your triglycerides are high too."


-I don't understand it doctor, we have discussed my diet and you know I'm a vegetarian. I don't know what I can do differently.


"Vegetarians get high cholesterol too." (dirty look)


-Yes of course, that is evident. What can I do? I heard there is an herb but I cannot remember the name.


"Well you can try that. But these numbers will kill you."


-Try? Well actually, I'd much rather have a prescription medication.


"Why are you having migraines?"


-I'm not sure. I thought it might be that I don't get enough sleep, but even when I take my Ambien and do sleep, I get a migraine regularly.


"You take Ambien?" -yes. "Does your psychiatrist give it to you?" -yes.

"But that's a controlled substance!" (dirty look)


-I know it is, and I control it just fine. When I do take it, I normally just take half.


"You only take half? No wonder it isn't working, you need to take a whole. I'll have to watch out for you though." (dirty look)


"I understand that you have stomach pain?" -yes


"Do you drink" -no "Drugs?" -no "Your sure?" -yes


"What do you take for your pain?" (dirty look)


-Normally nothing doctor, but sometimes an Ibuprofen.


"Well, that's what is bothering your stomach".



*I'd really like it if I didn't feel like an emotional piece of crap after seeing a doctor for physical reasons.


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Great.  And my Mom just called to say I should pray the rosary, the Hail Mary at night.

sigh. lol. 

I can't imagine what it might be like for an atheist to be told to pray.


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Perhaps you need a meeting Sally.  You ever think of that?


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